Based in Washington DC, CVG Capital promotes novel investment opportunities in private equity, blended finance and FinTech.  The Founders, German Vegarra and Carmen Gutierrez, have lived and worked in Asia, Latin America and Africa, and share a passion for development, but most importantly, a strong drive to provide quality affordable goods and services to all citizens, particularly, the growing youth population in frontier economies.

CVG Capital is putting considerable effort in Sub Saharan Africa.  While foreign direct investment in this region has grown 10X since 2000, investments have gone primarily into large natural resources projects with limited impact on job creation. Africa cannot rise unless efforts are re-directed to sectors that employ an increasingly younger population and provide consumers better value for money. The last five years have seen the emergence of a private equity industry that focuses on Africa’s growing middle class, with increasing attention paid to large real sector companies, commercial banks and the high-end property markets. The supply of funds exceeds the opportunities in these sectors.  CVG Capital aims to promote investment in the PE/VC markets that focus on creating new companies which boast considerable growth potential and job creation.

Blended finance also offers considerable opportunities across frontier markets where bankable credits are hard to find.  Blended Finance, or the innovative use of grants and commercial funds to make the non-bankable bankable, has the potential to become a game changing tool in regions like Sub Saharan Africa.  German Vegarra developed and launched the private sector window of the Global Agriculture Food Security Program while at IFC.  CVG Capital, through Savia Trade, will be promoting blended finance in Africa, Asia and Latin America.


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